Personalized Treatment

Ayurvedic science considers that each person has an exclusive Body Type or Prakriti. Therefore, the treatment for each individual is personalized in Ayurveda that is based on different factors such as Dosha imbalance, energy level, age, gender, location, and climate and root cause of disease. We at SuAyu understand the patient as a whole rather than just a limited observation of symptoms.

Every individual is constituted of 5 great elements (Pancha Mahabhoota) in uniquely varying combinations. Hence, no two individuals are alike and therefore proper treatment cannot be generalized for all. SuAyu examines the patient & disease with an  aim to diagnose the root cause and offer completely personalized treatment based on documented scriptures as described in Ayurveda.

SuAyu has adopted technology-enabled Ayurvedic treatment protocol which integrates data and scientific research for better patient management and optimized intervention. This helps in streamlining doctor-patient coordination, quality compliance and patient satisfaction.