Nadi Pariksha

What is Nadi Pariksha?

We do NadiPariksha/Pulse diagnosis to know root cause of disease and it gives you an insight on how to optimize your health in accordance with the elements which are predominant in your body. NadiPariksha is an ancient ayurvedic technique of diagnosis through the pulse. It can accurately diagnose both physical and mental diseases as well as imbalances


What Is Disclosed During the Nadi Pariksha?

  • During the Pulse Diagnosis, each and every aspect of the human body i.e. the Body, Mind, etc. is understood.

  • The Diagnosis not only understands the cause of the current ailments but also chases the disease back to its origin.

  • Even subtle levels of occasional factors such as emotional matters or specific thought patterns of the individual, that demonstrate into physical ailments subsequently are understood.

Nadi Pariksha is contracted to understand the following aspects in an individual:

1. Prakruti

“One’s Original Constitution at the time of Conception” can be determined. This helps in giving the base of deciding the foundation and structure of the individual’s Healing process.

2. Vikruti

“One’s Current Constitution as against the Original Constitution” can be understood through this diagnosis.It helps in ascertaining the deviation that the body and mind have taken as compared to its original constitution. While during this transition from Prakruti to Vikruti, it enables an individual to understand the prognosis of ailments that has risen.

3. Change in Mental State

Changing of mental state can be successfully tracked through Nadi Pariksha. This is importantly noted that the science of Ayurveda considers that a major part of human ailments are psychosomatic in nature. This is because the body is the only way by which mind can express itself. Therefore, the mind plays a vital role in the working of the body.

4. Doshas

The analysis of the Doshas, the subtle entities of the psycho – physiological body can also be done by Nadi Pariksha. The Disease process can be understood well if there is any alteration in the Doshas. The Doshas such as Vata, Pitta & Kapha and their sub-units help in knowing

  • The mobility of energies and the working of the nervous system, circulation as defined by the pulsation of the heart, and the movement of nutrition to various tissues in the body.

  • The governing activities of the body like Digestion, Absorption & Assimilation of Nutrition which is responsible for the metabolic process and the process of biotransformation in the body and these are known from 3 Doshas.

  • The absorbing and binding functions through the help of bodily fluids, which are responsible for the proper and healthy formation of Muscles, Bones, Ligaments, and Tendons, etc.

5. Health of Tissues

Through this, we can study the health of different types of tissues in the body, such as Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Marrow, Ivory, Nerve and reproduction.

6. Health of Chakras

The health of the Chakras or the subtle energy wheels in the body that match with the glands in the physical body can also be found out. In the body, Chakras are related to mind and control certain physiological processes.