Hands are one of the most expensive features gifted to a human being. Sometimes it also act as a healing tool through various actions performed by mankind. It is crucial to maintain the hygiene of our hands as many activities like eating etc are performed by our hands.  Due to a stressful and workaholic life, we many a time neglect to take care of our hands and make it look the best. We often give or spare time for our face or for hair care, why should we then neglect our legs and hands?

The word manicure is derived from the Latin word ‘manus’ for hand and ‘cura’ for care. Manicure is a herbal cosmetic treatment for hands and the fingernails. Treatment is done in order to increase the glow and texture to the hands and increase the smoothness & shine of the nails.


  • Improves texture of your hands and fingernails.

  • Prevents any wear and tear damages of your fingernails.

  • Increase the flexibility of your hand and keeps your hand smooth, soft and glowing.


  • Dry hands.

  • Brittleness of fingernails.

  • Roughness of palm.

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